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“We approach every record with no rules, no boundaries,” says Tobin Esperance, who played a lot of guitar on the record, in addition to his full-time bass duties. “We do what comes naturally to us, and I think that shows in all of our recordings. We are a rock and roll band with many different influences.” “First and foremost, we want to write songs – lyrically and melodically – that you can sing along with,” adds Shaddix. “We’re a band that tries to walk that line between metal, hardcore, punk rock and pop music, and we do our best at trying to make it all tasteful. Not heavy shit just for the sake of having heavy shit, but heavy shit that you can sing along with because it’s got a pop sensibility.”

Don’t get too focused on the allusion of a pop mindset, as The Paramour Sessions proved a dark and haunting chapter in Papa Roach history. “We were in a pretty volatile state when we made this record, because a lot of us were going through a lot of personal shit,” says Shaddix. “There’s love on this album, there’s fucking violence on the record, there’s sex, drugs and rock and roll, there’s fear, there’s fucking strength… Every experience we could experience as a group of people, we experienced in that house. We cried, we fought, there were sleepless nights, and we kind of got scared of who we were for a while there. But crazy as it was, coming out on the other side of making the record, I think getting lost in ourselves was the best thing that we could have done. Towards the end of it, we knew we had to get out of that place or we’d go fucking crazy.”

“Ultimately, we all needed to face whatever our fears were on this record,” the singer continues. “We also need to be able to face the fans, face the world, and be able to be proud of who we are and what we do. After making this record, we couldn’t ask for anything more than what we accomplished.” “It was a pretty crazy, intense time, and you can hear it throughout the record,” sums Esperance. “It’s a very honest and direct record, which is the same thing that Papa Roach strive to be as a band.”

“In the early days, I would obsess and worry about making our mark on rock music, but not anymore,” concludes Buckner. “In fact, I’m not sure that’s even a worthy concern… We rock today, and that’s what’s cool.”

“I can get notey as a mofo if I want to, but being supportive is just as fun. ‘Not Listening’ is an example of where I had to lay back a bit,”


“I put on the stinky cheese face and just follow the groove.”

Basically, we started out as a couple of guys jammin’ in the garage in high school, you know. We’re from Vacaville, California, which is a small town near Sacramento, and pretty much Jacoby and I are the two founding members of the band, like, we were friends before the band started, and one day we were just kinda hanging out and he knew I played drums and he wanted to play bass or something like that and one day we were on the phone, and we were like, "Hey dude, let’s start a band."
Dave Buckner

We’ve done the whole independent thing. We did…we had a lot of help from our manager Brett…um, we’ve gone up and down California I don’t even know how many times…touring,
Jerry Horton

It’s actually our singer’s great grandfather, on his step-dad’s side. Their family last name is Roatch, R-O-A-T-C-H. And Papa Roatch is Jacoby’s step-dad’s granddad.
Jerry Horton